Saturday, April 7, 2012

Only Athletes Get Sports Injuries

First off, let me assure you...I'll be fine.  Really.  Thank you for all of your forthcoming sympathy.

I got my toes right up in the camera, so you can see my injury for yourself.
The week started out well with a 5k virtual race against Neighbor Ted.   I finished in 40:48, which is pretty slow, but I was glad to get back after a two-week hiatus.   Then, I did a 3.5 mile run on Tuesday and a short 1.3 mile walk with my boys on Wednesday.   I was on a roll.

Except my foot started to itch.   By Thursday night, I saw that I had a blister on top of my toe.  Weird, but my running shoes are too wide, so I always wear two pairs of socks and I had been increasing my mileage.  I googled blisters and decided to do my own surgery.

By morning, my foot was swollen, hot and really angry at me.  My wife teased me in front of the kids saying that I had a "foot pimple".  Very funny.

This was a blister, due to my increased mileage.

The swelling and redness continued, so I went to the doctor.  He quickly diagnosed it as foliculitis.

"What's that?" I asked.

"It's basically a pimple on your foot...some ingrown hair caused an infection," he replied.


Mrs. Clyde was right again.

Foot pimple.   Hairy toes.  Sweaty feet.   The jokes swirl around my household.

But I am still going to call it a sports injury because I'm sure not going to call it a "foot pimple".

Antibiotics for 10 days!   I forgot to ask if I can run on it and after a day of meds, the swelling is going down.  I think I'll do my longer Sunday run regardless and see how it goes.

...because athletes can only sit on the bench for so long.

By the way, I lost 1 pound this week.  Still not close to the performance of Big Clyde in 2010, but I will get him.   I know that he stumbled at times too.

Have a good week everyone.

Big Clyde

A note to my children:   I fixed the misspelled word and I deleted the comma that seemed to be bothering you.  I also want to take a moment to apologize for "grossing you out" by writing about a foot problem on my blog.  You have made it very clear that "feet" are gross.  Please note that I didn't actually take a picture of my own foot...that should have eased your trauma a little bit.

You know how to avoid feet problems?  Spend A LOT of time on the couch.  When you must walk, stay indoors and walk on the carpet.   And DEFINITELY, avoid as little exercise as possible.  

Then again...that kind of lifestyle can lead to other "problems" in your health down the road.




Debsdailylife said...

40:48 IS NOT SLOW!! At least not in my world!!!

RockStarTri said...

It hurts more when the Mrs. is right. Play the sympathy card, it might work. (note: hasn't yet for me though).

Bruce Gudmundson said...

Sports injury for sure.

40 minute 5k is great! Congrats for sure.!

Joy said...

Oh my goodness - never heard of that!! You will be at soon!!

Congrats on the loss!!

Keep focused!

Miss S. said...

I'm sorry, but I was laughing that Mrs. Clyde was right even before you said it. You know we wives of course know ALL.

I also hope you are well enough to keep running. My husband told me I need to just sign up for a 5k. Damn him, sometimes the guys know it all too....

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Very funny post, Clyde. I'm glad you're still giving max effort. Let's persevere on this thing.

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Javier Honig said...

Hah, trust me, 1 lb. a week is actually pretty good, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Anyway, I do believe you can count that as a “sports injury” because of the circumstance in which you got it, haha. It’s a good thing you had it checked out though, because at least it wasn’t anything worse that might need orthopedic surgery or something. PS – LOVE the advice to your kids, hehe! ;-)

Javier Honig

Sienna Christie said...

This is a good read. I like that you put humor to the situation and that you confidently shared it to us, readers. Doing surgery on your own is not the safest thing to do, is it? I hope you have learned your lesson. The next time something like this happens, especially if it involves any swelling or bleeding on your foot, go to your doctor immediately.

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