Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Light Switch or A Dimmer?

A simple light switch gives you two choices:  on or off.  It's binary.

A dimmer switch gives you all of the options in between light and dark.   You have many choices, not just "on" or "off".  When you hear the phrase "all things in moderation", that is someone who uses a dimmer switch on their decisions. 

In reality, we all possess both dimmer switches and light switches within our own decision-making processes.   I have friends who just decide to eat more healthy for awhile and they seem to do it with ease (dimmer).   I also have friends who cannot stop at one drink after work...walking into the bar means that they will have several drinks (light switch).  

I tend to view my Clydesdale Project as a light switch, not a dimmer switch.   And that will haunt me until I become more of a dimmer-switch guy.

It has been 5 weeks since I last posted and nearly that long since my last workout.   So, why did I go off course this time?   There is a short list of reasons, but they would sound familiar to stresses, family obligations (needing more of my time as the school year ends), and a few sad things that make me just want to be a couch potato.  Neighbor Ted has been busy as well, so our challenge has gone undocumented for weeks.   Big Clyde from 2010 is kicking my tail and I doubt I can catch him now.  

All of this leaves me thinking "is today the day that I flip that light switch to 'on' and start making egg-white omelettes, packing carrots and turkey pepperoni for my lunch and get 3 miles in tonight?"  But the items from the previous paragraph start coming to my mind and I pick up some pizzas for dinner on the way home.  Nope, that light switch has stayed in the "off" position.

I need to swallow my pride, find my inner dimmer switch and get back to my "Lowered Expectations Plan" that I wrote in July of 2010.

Returning to exercise can be so incredibly easy.   A return to running starts with a some 2-3 mile walks, 3-4 times per week.   The question "am I now too old or too heavy to run?" comes to my mind often these days, but I know that the answer to both   Within a week, I'll be back at my slow-but-steady jogging pace.   Of course, the bike is waiting for me in the garage as well.

As for the Neighbor Ted Challenge and my personal challenge to beat my own performance in 2010...I'll need to come back to that after I get a solid week of improvement behind me.

Big Clyde

P.S.  By the way, my last few weeks have had some exciting moments as well.   In future posts, I will write about staying in "Billy's Room" of The Copper Queen Hotel, filming a movie in Bisbee, and a tribute to Bill Peterson, who changed my life.