Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chicken, Waffles and Choices

For some reason, I have been able to stay very focused on a low-calorie diet for the past two weeks and I feel great.   I've had business lunches, eaten many meals away from home and yet continue to lose the pounds.

This morning, I met a friend for breakfast.   We met down by the University of Arizona and I had heard about a "chicken and waffles" place.   That made me smile because I remember this scene from the movie "Tapeheads" in 1988:

The place is called May's Counter and it was awesome.   My buddy Mike had the chicken and waffles.  I had a large egg-white omelette with diced ham, swiss cheese and jalapenos.   I also had half a piece of toast with jelly on it.  That totalled 359 calories.

My usual breakfast out on the road would be two McDonald's Sausage McMuffin w/Egg at 450 calories each, so 900 total for the meal. 

Making those choices is how I will continue to lose in the weeks and months ahead.

I also took a short 20-minute bike ride today (when it was 100 degrees) and my legs felt like cement.  Need to work on that too.

See you all on the way down, my friends!

Big Clyde


responsibility199 said...

Excellent job making healthy choices in the face of great challenge. Friends dropping in to visit & eat can certainly be a strong challenge... Keep up the streak of healthy choices you are on! Keep on the streak and keep knocking down the minutes & days until you realize your goals

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Well done with the calories, Clyde. Keep up the good work.

Al said...

It's amazing how much more you can eat for less calories when the right choices are made. That omelet sounds 10 times better than the McMuffins.

Great choices, BC.

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Good choices on the breakfast. I just don't get the chicken with waffles thing. Weird. I love omelets. They make me happy. Glad to see you back around consistently. Keep up the good work.

memoirs of this binge eating triathlete said...

man am I impressed. Your doing great, keep it up. You sir are motivating.

Sarah said...

It's amazing how much energy hot weather rides suck out of your body, isnt it? Warm rides just kill me. We did seventy miles in 90 degrees and I thought I was going to die...