Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fast Fifteen - Week 2 Results

I had another good weigh-in this week with a 5 pound loss!

Since August 9th, I have now lost 12 pounds.  I feel better and will keep going toward my near term goal of losing 15 by August 31st.  Each day, I am logging in my food into and am eating well, lots of water and taking my vitamins, etc. 

I recently watched a video where a woman said that a quick rule of thumb for determining how many calories you should eat (to get to your ideal weight) is to add a zero to it.  So, if your goal is 175 pounds, then you should consume 1,750 cals per day.  She was not a doctor and was not talking about offsetting those food calories with calories burned from exercise.   To lose more aggressively, bring that number downward through less food or burn more through exercise.  It seems like a pretty good method to me. 

If you count calories, what is your number?

Big Clyde


Jessica said...

I try to stay between 1400 and 1600 during the week and 1700-2000 on the weekend.

responsibility199 said...

Hey, that 5 pound loss, amazing! People are going to thin you have found the secret to weight loss and haven't been sharing that knowledge. Well maybe you did here with your quick rule. Whatever your secret, keep it up, I mean keep it going down.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Great work! I'll be posting about calories one of these days, but my new tack is to eat the calories that would be necessary to maintain my normal weight. At 6'2", that's about 186 pounds, so 2270. It's enough of a calorie deficit from where I am now to lose, but enough that it should be sustainable. Calories burned through exercise is in addition.

Al said...

Way to go, BC! Keep up the great work. I just happen to set my daily calorie goal at 2200 for now...but my goal weight is 225, so I guess I was on target.

Debsdailylife said...

DUDE!! Thats amazing!
1500 here. (and 158) is my goal weight. At least for now.

memoirs of this binge eating triathlete said...

When I'm consistant with working out my metablic rate in 3200 calories, I cut down to 2200 calories, plus add any calories I burn by working out. That usually equates to a 2 pound a week weight loss.