Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's Happening Again...

Please stay with me for a little while on this one.

I'll start this one boldly...I believe in God.   Not The Force or some great spirit in the sky that is within all of us or a god of many forms that permeates all religions.  No.  I believe in the God that put himself into the human form of a baby on a rescue mission to reunite us with God, the Father.   Once we humans killed that man on a cross, he went up to Heaven to be with his Father and sent back down a Holy Spirit to guide all of us, if we simply accept him. 

When we feel something leading us one way or another, some may call it coincidence, or intuition or the dreaded "...things happen for a reason...".  I think that is the Holy Spirit guiding us.   God's subtle messenger.

I hope I haven't lost anyone yet.  

My point is that I am receiving the signs again that I have to get serious about improving my health and fitness.   I don't think it is coincidental.  I think it is a whisper from God and I'd be an idiot to ignore it.  It's happened before and it's happening again.
  • Some of you have checked in on me, making sure I was okay.   Much appreciated.  The family is great, work is good and all is well.   Just busy with family life, so less time for blogging.  Also, I don't blog when I am inactive.
  • Two friends asked me simply if I was riding my bike much.  Enough said.
  • My friend Chris has three kids and a wife (like me), is in my industry and is my age.  Next month, he'll run 100 miles in the Zion 100 Trail Run.  He's done it several times before.  I've been advised to not even pursue another 10k with my long-term back injury, but I can certainly do anything on a bike if I train for it.
  • My weight has crept up a little bit and I am shaping my kids' behavior.  I need to show them that we can all overcome bad habits.
  • Thank you Deb for the hello!
  • To GRB, who commented yesterday:  Nice to hear from you.  I have never been athletic and rarely saw the point of it.   I am reasonably active, but who would want to run for miles unless they were being chased?  For us non-athletes out there, we may find that we run, bike or swim simply so that we can stave off the 5-pound per year gain that happens in many North Americans over the age of 40.  10 minutes a day is the least any of us should do, including me.   I'll commit to 20 minutes minimum x 5 days per week.  I'll update regularly.  Feel free to e-mail me at if you want to communicate that way.
Have a great rest of the week, everyone!

Big Clyde

P.S.  All Christians are not the kind you see on tv and we do not watch Pat Robertson or listen to Rush Limbaugh.  I drink, I sometimes swear, I eat too much, I loved Django Unchained, I have gay friends, I go to church every Sunday and I am a very sinful Christian man.  That is why I am so glad that God sent his Son to remove my sins whenever I ask.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Here Comes the Sun!

It's been a long winter.  Granted, I live in the desert and have a warmer climate than most, but we all get used to our areas...and it has been pretty cold here with snowmen being built in my backyard about two weeks ago!  The colder weather makes it easier to stay inside and stay sedentary.

My reasonable approach has produced reasonable results.   I am exercising very little, but eating better than I used to.  The result is not helping me on the scale and likely not helping my fitness either.   Certainly, the scale shouldn't be the only scoreboard, but it is shameful how little I've exercised.  I need to be more intentional about changing my lifelong behavior of eating what I want and exercising as little as possible.

So, I'll be returning to the blog for some accountability and inspiration.  Back to you soon, after my next exercise session.

Big Clyde