Saturday, June 22, 2013

Commit. Train. Results? 2013 edition

Since my last post, I have been much more careful about what I eat.   I am juicing pretty regularly now (not smoothies with berries and yogurt...I'm talking the pure nasty juice of kale, spinach, celery, and lemons).    I've cut back on my caffeine intake and downsized my portions.    Good stuff.

Now, it's time to get moving.

My buddy, Tig, and I were talking the other night.   Okay, we were drinking and talking...and we challenged ourselves to do something big before the end of the year.   We agreed to ride a metric century in December.   My longest distance has been about 40 miles.   This will be 63 miles.   To do it decently, I'll need to build up my mileage and fitness levels in the coming months.

Our first step, will be to run a simple 5k in mid-September.   I'll need to train for that too.

When I was really active on this blog in previous years, someone once summarized my strategy as
1.  Commit (to a big event)
2.  Train (so that I can complete the event or do it decently)
3.  See the Results (usually in weight loss, but also overall fitness)

I guess I am back on that train again.   My friend has been fit his entire life (unlike me), but we are both guys between 45-48 who keep seeing the yearly decrease in exercise and increase in pounds.   Knowing that we will train and do these events together will definitely inspire me to get in gear.

And if I keep my nutrition in line, I'll see those results I've been looking for these past two years.

Big Clyde