Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Juice Fast - Day 2: Drinking Kryptonite

I completed Day 2 of the juice fast and I am doing pretty well, except for about 10 minutes of the day. 

Twice a day, I force myself to drink Green Juice...it is like drinking kryptonite.

I don't own a white suit, but otherwise, this is me.
Now, we see from this image that Lex Luthor feels energized from drinking the powerful green kryptonite.  I get it.   I have more energy than I would have if I were feasting on my beloved pizza.

However, before and during my consumption of Green Juice, it weakens me like I am Kal-El, the Last Son of Krypton.  It is an assault to my taste buds.  It laughs at me when I add ice to make it more palatable.  It mocks me when I drink it through a straw...would battery acid taste better through a straw?!?

Good news?  Given my hatred of the Green Juice, it may (finally) be proof that I am actually Superman or something like him.  (I've just been dressing like Clark all of these years, or his fatter brother Warren).

Bad news?  I'm soft and have trained my taste buds to only like sweet and fatty foods and I have an uphill climb to get back to a normal healthy diet of lots of veggies, fruit and less fat.

My friend Jared (who got me into this juicing thing in the first place) told me to try Red Kale instead.  Yeah, sure, EVERYONE loves Red Kale, right?   Have any of you ever ordered red kale in a restaurant?  Ever see one of those tv commercials where the kids scream to their mom from the dinner table "More red kale, please!".   Me either.

But that is what I will be choking down drinking tomorrow for lunch and dinner.  Jealous?

Stay tuned.

Big Clyde