Sunday, July 21, 2013

Le Tour Challenge: Completed!

I'm happy to report that I completed the challenge of riding 100 miles during the last two weeks.  Ultimately, due to some procrastination and a busy work schedule, I had to ride 25 miles per day on Friday, Saturday, and today.  I wondered how I would hold up and I was surprised to have done quite well.

My next event will be a simple 5k race in late September.   Not a big deal, but I have not been in a timed race since 2010 and not run that distance since last September, so you know, it is kinda like starting over.

What's coming up next for you?

Big Clyde


Daniel Weise said...

Well done completing the 100 miles. Too bad you had to do it on the indoor bike. Looking forward to more posts!


Debsdailylife said...

75 miles in 3 days~~ Thats amazing!! And crazy!! :) Proud of you for reaching your goal!! That 5K in September, Work hard, but DONT be disappointed in yourself if you dont reach your time goal! Be proud!! (listen to me not practicing what I preach!)