Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Rest of 2013

On January 2nd, I wrote this post about my desire to find a "reasonable plan".  Not an aggressive, short-term blitz to drop a lot of weight or mileage quickly (which I am fond of), but an intentional plan that could be maintained for a lifetime.

I have learned certain things about myself thanks to this blogging world.  I know that I am very good at short-term challenges (up to six months) and that I am really encouraged by comments from fellow bloggers on the same journey.  But I've also learned that telling the same story of short-term success with eventual setbacks means that I have not really made great strides in a lifestyle change, which is the entire point.

So, I wrote about my desire to live out a reasonable plan and I think I am starting to live it now.

I have a good friend named Tig that is pretty much a real-life action hero:  career military, friendly, capable in nearly all fields and a very decent guy.  He will take the lead or be your wingman.  But he ages like the rest of us and wants to get in better shape.   Recently, we challenged each other to a few upcoming events:  ride 100 miles during Le Tour de France, run a 5k in September, ride a metric century in December.

Since we both accomplished the recent 100 miles, he wrote to me and suggested the following:
*  Weekly Monday weigh-in and then report out the loss/gain
*  100 miles per month throughout 2013 (whether by bike, walk or run)
*  Weight loss goal for remainder of 2013.   He chose 25 pounds, I chose 40.

Simple, practical, achievable.  Most of us can ride 8 miles in 45 minutes.   3x per week gets you over 100 miles per month.  A 2,200 calorie-per-day diet will result in approximately 1.75 pounds lost per week or 7 pounds per month.  A highly nutritous diet of more vegetables will result in even greater loss and is better for body chemistry.

So, the 2013 plan finally begins in late July. 
Healthy, lighter eating
Regular, moderate exercise
Weekly reporting on short and mid-range goals
Accountability through a friend and this blog

It's not dramatic, but it might be my most realistic attempt at finally changing my lifestyle forever.

Big Clyde

P.S.  I know myself and may still do some short-term challenges for fun, but they will not deter from the plan. 

P.S.S.  If any of you sense that I am falling away, please feel free to scold me harshly.


Daniel Weise said...

I like it. It makes perfect sense and it sounds so much like my personal story as well. We are all looking for the quick fix and the overnight result, but what we really need is to adjust our lifestyle in small but significant ways to achieve lasting results.

Thank you.


Craig said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I am with you. I too am trying to lose weight and be healthy...all the good stuff. I bookmarked your blog and will be checking back in to see how you are doing. I'm setting aggressive mileage goals for myself (100 miles per week)as I am hoping to complete the 85 mile leg of the Tour de Tucson this year. Last year I did the 42 and was completely out of shape. I like the blog and think I will be creating one myself for this reason. Keep up the good work it sounds like you are starting to pick things up...stay with it.

Debsdailylife said...

YES!!!! We are a nation of instant gratification. We want it NOW. Weight gain works that way, but loss does not! Its HARD work, and takes time!! No easy way out! Life changes! I like your plan! Some people dont like a weekly weigh in because it shows a small amount, but for me, thats what keeps me accountable! If I weighed in monthly, Id wait until the last week and starve myself!

I have an accountability partner. She lives in Minnesota, so we dont live very close, but we do text/email almost every day. I finally opened my mind and realized I dont have all the answers, and I need to LISTEN, and be willing to be open to critique, ideas, and even some criticism.

Im a very NONconfrontational person!! BUT, you just gave me permission to virtually confront you!!

Ok, now that Ive written a whole blog post in your comments!! :) I wish you much success and I will be back to check on you!!! (hopefully my reader wont crash again, and it wont be as long next time!)

Alan said...

The plan sounds great. Much success. Stay accountable.