Friday, February 7, 2014

10,000 Steps

Maybe I'm a bit late to the party, but I purchased a FitBit "Zip" pedometer about a month ago.  And one for my wife.   It seems so lame to measure only walking, or realistically, just steps throughout my day.   As usual, I recall measuring my running miles or cycling miles per week...not steps.

But here's my thinking:  my long-term health is dependent on consistent, long-term behavior.   Cycling daily or even several times per week means sacrificing other areas of my life that I don't really have a desire to sacrifice.  Running is just no longer a good idea for a lifelong exercise.   But walking, just walking, requires no equipment, special shoes, etc.   Obviously.  

Though not nearly as aggressive as cycling or other workouts, it is excuse-free for nearly all of us.   The goal from FitBit is to log 10,000 steps per day.   That equates to about 5 miles per day.   Without any extra walking, it looks like my normal steps per day only totals about 3,500 steps.  So, now when I am out and about, I check my little screen and find that I am parking further away, taking a few short walks and even a few hour-long walks just to get the steps in.   Not aggressive, but perhaps more consistent than my previous bursts of effort toward cycling or running.

Do any of you track your steps or walking miles?

Big Clyde