Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Paleo - Daniel Plan - Smoothie diet

For several months now, my wife and I have been substituting some meals for blended smoothies we make at home.   We watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead", bought the juicer and quickly realized how healthy the vegetable juices could be...but what a hassle with all of the produce shopping and prep.

So, we started adding in more smoothies with a very expensive blender.   Handfuls of spinach or baby kale were blended with bananas or blueberries and some chia, nuts or protein powder.   Yummy and pretty easy (though my wife is the one who prepares our smoothies).

Finally, about two weeks ago, a group of friends at our church started a Tuesday night group to begin The Daniel Plan.   Though it pretty much followed along with the same juicing/blending guidelines, there is also a faith and fellowship component added to this plan.  Nice.

Then, today I spoke with Neighbor Ted who now lives across the country.   As we were catching up, he mentioned that he has been pretty successful lately with a "paleo" diet.  

My question to you is this:  Have you followed any of these plans (juice/blend/Daniel/paleo) and what is your assessment?   Please let me know!

Big Clyde


Sean Anderson said...

I watched that documentary and immediately bought a juicer. I ran out and bought 150 bucks worth of produce for juicing-- I applaud you and your wife--I just wasn't able to get into it like I thought I wanted... I still have the juicer but haven't used it in a long time. I don't know what my routine would be called these days. I know I'm eating better than I ever have, but there's no rhyme or reason really--other than it's all stuff I like. I am interested in the smoothies...and good nutritional drinks. I've heard wonderful things about all of the plans you mentioned. I think it's just a matter of finding the one you enjoy most.

Debsdailylife said...

I love my smoothies!!! Half banana, frozen fruits, handful of spinach, and usually some homemade peanut butter, and homemade almond milk. My walmart juicer no longer juices, so I had to give that up. I havent tried Paleo. But I do love the 100 days of real food website. Shes down to earth and if it has more than 5 ingredients, dont eat it. Its more of a stay away from processed foods. Im curious to hear more about the Daniel Diet.