Thursday, June 5, 2014

Writer's Block?

I'm back to check in with my blogging friends.   I see that several of my favorite bloggers from the past have moved on to other interests, maybe other social media venues or have just been busy.   Me too.

This has been a great year so far for me.   Mrs. Clyde is still doing very well with her work and her ministry as our worship leader at church.   She even lets me play bass or sing when there's a spot open.  My daughter just graduated from high school with a pretty impressive academic performance and has chosen to attend my alma mater in the Fall...a smaller, but well-known liberal arts university.   Makes me feel good that she may be taking classes from some of my old professors.  And my two boys are continuing to work very hard at school and will soon be participating in a community theatre production of Mulan.   If they are happy and healthy, my life is pretty full.

As for me...I'm doing fine, but in pretty much the same shape that I was when I started this thing.   Aside from wearing larger clothes, I am still fortunate to have no other health concerns (bp, cholesterol, etc...but how long can that last?).  In reality, I eat more nutritionally now (our whole family does).  We juice, we blend, we have salads and I have consumed more kale and spinach in the last 6 months than I would have ever predicted.   But those good choices only cover about 1 meal a day and I eat "like an American" the rest of the time...not helpful for weight loss.

 I also frequently attempt to get 10,000 steps in per day as recorded on my FitBit.   By the way, if you any of you want to connect via the FitBit website and be "friends" or whatever, I would love that.   It is fun to encourage each other that way.

And finally, regarding the title of this daughter is over halfway finished with writing her first novel!   It started with our family game called "Made-up Movie", which I wrote about in a few posts a few years back.  She took a fun plot that we generated on a car-ride and will soon have a novel longer than The Great Gatsby!  I will definitely read the book and look forward to seeing the movie someday.

But back to me (!), my daughter and wife have encouraged me to write this summer.   Yes, more blogging, but also writing a novel (or at least starting one).   I am thinking through some ideas now and am pretty excited about pursuing a new challenge.   I'll write about it as I experiment with it.

I have a summer goal of achieving 10,000 steps daily, at least 5 days per week (that is roughly 5 miles per day).   I'll update you on my progress soon.

Have a good weekend!

Big Clyde


RockStarTri said...

Good to hear life is good.

My daughter is graduating HS too. She looked at LACs but decided ultimately on Duke. The Mrs. isn't handling her baby moving so far away so well....

Kimberley said...

So nice to see a post from you Clyde!

Looks like things are terrific with your family which is just wonderful.

Sean Anderson said...

I enjoyed this post. I can relate to the "if they're good, I'm good," mentality. Enjoying that peace and certainty is a precious thing. Wonderful to read a post from you, Clyde. You occasionally cross my mind and I wonder how you're doing. You're doing fantastic! Congrats to your daughter on her project! It sounds as if you're family is highly creative and extremely talented! Oh yes, Clyde---write-write-write!!! It's good for your soul, isn't it? Thank you, sir.

Sean Anderson said...

"as if your family" not "as if you're family." typo. :)

Dan Koch said...

Hi Big Clyde,

Been reading your blog for quite a while (I have posts saved from 2011) I'd be happy to FitBit 'friend' you. It'd probably do me good as well.

Just need to know your fitbit contact info.


Debsdailylife said...

This post popped up on my phone several weeks ago and it made me smile!!! (I finally moved into the smart phone world) So good to 'hear' from you again!! Sounds like life is good!!! Cant wait to hear more about your daughters novel. AND read your writings!!