Thursday, March 19, 2015

Putting It All Together

Hello bloggers and friends.   

I am doing well and thought I'd check in.   Life has been good for me in the past year or so, but I have kept eating whatever I want and have the typical results on the scale.   My biggest change and improvement in terms of a steady lifestyle change is the use of my FitBit.   I have weeks when I am above 10,000 steps and others when I am closer to 7,000...but I monitor it each day and it motivates my activities.

I feel healthy, but am still way too overweight, so almost on a whim, I decided last Saturday to go back to the most consistent and healthy weight loss method that I know...counting calories.

This worked for me in 2010 when I lost 50 pounds from March to September.  Then, I got comfy and gradually returned to my favorite foods and eating habits.

Pardon the cliche, but "this time, it feels different".   Here is what I am doing differently:

Healthier Foods
I am still staying at 1,750 calories per day or lower, but it is now packed with veggies, low-fats, (mostly) natural foods and almost no sugar (so far).  It is repetitive for now, but nothing gimmicky or pre-packaged as "diet food".

Yes, I still love the FitBit and find that it is perfect for what motivates me.   I like having some FitBit friends that I can use to compare myself to and challenge for short periods.  I was so surprised to see that I normally would walk only approx 4,500 steps per day.   Now, I am striving for over 10,000 steps and have even accomplished a 30,000 step day (approx 15 miles)!   It keeps me focused on at least some light activity and keeps me honest about it.

Food Tracking
I track my calories and food for every meal on SparkPeople.   It is so much easier than when I did it in 2010 now that I am using the mobile apps, etc.  Like the FitBit, it keeps me focused and honest.

Activity vs. Popularity
I loved doing this blog for a few years.  At first, I was just trying to learn if an overweight, middle-aged guy could really become healthy by riding a bicycle.  Then, it became more focused on changing my entire lifestyle choices.    But it also became it's own creative and social activity.  One of my blogging friends Rockstar Tri likely could see that it was distracting me and would write "less writing, more riding".   Good advice.   So, this time, I will likely not blog too frequently and realistically, may not read other blogs as often as I'd like.   My focus will be on making good choices each day, plain and simple.

Here's the part that might make you smile...though I have only been doing this for four days so far, I already feel that I have that mojo in full force.   How crazy that just a few days of good choices and determination can seem to set me on the right path!?!   

Finally, I want to thank Sean from Daily Diary of a Winning Loser.   He has been a great source of knowledge, guidance and inspiration to me.  

Big Clyde

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Sean Anderson said...

That mojo in force, Clyde--is a very powerful thing. You've got the force in you, my friend! Keep on using it!!
Your attitude and perspective is in tune and you're taking a stand. It's a wonderful thing to witness. Thank you for sharing it.