Sunday, November 22, 2009

El Tour...Middle of the 35-Mile Pack

My daughter says I have to post "something, anything" today about the El Tour de Tucson race that I did yesterday, but I am still enjoying the after-effects of completing it.  I'll post more later, but here are some of the quick highlights:
  • I was so grateful to my family for encouraging me throughout this long process.  Yes, I have been a bit obsessive (in thinking and talking and fussing) with this.  I love them all very much.
  • I completed the 35-mile race in 2 hrs 27 mins, which was faster than my 3 hour goal.  For a new Clydesdale cyclist, this was a great achievement and I am very pleased with it.
  • According to race stats, out of the 1,111 cyclists in my route, I ranked #555!  Yes, I am the last person to be in the top half of my race.  That is funny to me.  Mom and Dad always said I was above average...barely, but still.
  • I was happy to see so many people on race day, though I pretty much rode by myself, which was the plan.  I didn't want to slow anyone down, or be slowed by anyone.  
  • It was great to see Alex and Jay at the start, my family with our "Mighty" family t-shirts cheering me on (cowbells are really loud when hit with a drumstick!), Cory rode with me for awhile, Neighbor Ted came along just at the right time to encourage me to finish strong, and then I saw Jay, Lynn and Laura at the finishing line. Ted, Cory, Lynn and Alex all beat their previous times and Jay ranked #25!!!
  • Though I lost steam somewhere along mile 25, I rallied back during the last couple of miles.  Felt great energy last night, long after the race.  WHY?
  • A highlight for me was seeing Alicia, wife of my friend Jim who died this past summer.  She was looking for me at the starting line of our race and thanked me for thinking of her family and of Jim.  I was surprised to hear that Jim had ridden a 110 mile race in Ohio some years back.  That was inspiring to me and I thought of him often during my race.  God is with her as she bravely faces each day without Jim.  Jim would be so proud of her.
Big Clyde


Anonymous said...

Good job, Dad.
I'm so proud of you.
Are you going to keep writing in your blog?
Love, Bookreader28

Big Clyde said...

Thanks, girl. I will keep doing it because my goal is to keep improving my health and it helps me to have the encouragement and wisdom from others.