Sunday, November 8, 2009

Carnitas Fajitas + bike ride? No es bueno!!

First things first!  My thanks to the many friends and family who have agreed to donate funds to the Tu Nidito organization that benefits children who have lost a parent in the Greater Tucson area.  It will directly benefit the children of a good friend who we lost this summer.  With donations and company matching funds, I am guessing we will raise about $500 for my race.  As my friend Jim used to say, "Awesome!"

Secondly, after my longest ride of 28.3 miles last weekend, I did not ride again until a week later (this past weekend).  I rode 6.5 on Saturday and 18.5 on Sunday.  I focused on some speed intervals for the short ride and some hills on the second.  However...

There are a few things that this new budding Clydesdale has just learned about activity and food choices. 
1.  If you ride your largest distance, you will likely feel tired for the next several days...this is normal, ride soon anyway.  After my long Saturday ride, I didn't get back on the bike until a week later.  When I did, my legs felt heavy and tired.  I am thinking that I should have ridden a few times throughout the week (even short rides)...just to keep the muscles moving, etc.  
2.  If you decide to make up for that lethargic week, by putting alot of your miles into a Sunday afternoon, then avoid the big Sunday lunch at Macayo's Mexican Restaurant.  The fam and I had a blast with our friends (14 of us!), but after some carnitas, chips & salsa, and a "Baja Pizza", we drove home asap and I jumped on the bike.  I did not hurl, or even have a belly ache, but I (again) just felt like I had no fuel in the tank.  No energy + long ride with hills = lackluster performance. 

I guess I have to remember basic guidelines about using food as fuel, if you are going to exercise.  I lost a great training opportunity this weekend and I haven't much time left before the race.  Less than two weeks away.  Need to make better choices in training and food.

Still, I am grateful for 25 miles this past weekend and I'll be out again early tomorrow morning. 

Keep riding,

Big Clyde

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Susietri said...

The great thing about the food choices is that they start to come naturally. You have to be quiet enough to hear what you body is asking for however. Sometimes you can't hear over the nachos so you have to put them down for a minute! :)