Sunday, January 24, 2010

100 Miles in Five Days! Day 2 = 13 miles (again)

At least I'm consistent!  Another 13 miles today (two loops around my river track).   Busy day with church for the first half, then some family time and finally a ride.

I'll need to make better progress tomorrow to work toward finishing off the last 74 miles by Wednesday night.  But it is definitely still in my sights.  Likely will do a quick early morning ride, then, longer at the end of the day. 

A close friend of mine is recovering from cancer removal surgery last week.  We hope the results will show that he is completely free of cancer, but we won't know definitively for a few weeks.   His name is Doug.  I am still so concerned, but will leave it to God and his medical team and family in hopes for a complete recovery.  It looks like I might see him on Tuesday.  If you pray, please pray for Doug.  Thanks.

Keep riding everyone!

Big Clyde


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I hope your friend gets good news, keeping him in my prayers

Larry said...

I commented in the previous post because I couldn't get this one working earlier.



Big Clyde said...

Thanks, Big Daddy! (Sounds creepy for me to call another man, big daddy, but I'm gonna roll with it). I do appreciate your prayers. Seeing Doug tomorrow. Will keep you all posted.

Ice-Man: for some reason, I clicked on the "do not comment" box on the previous post. Fixed it...thanks for the heads up. Get some miles in today? I'm saddling up now for a long ride.