Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Control The Beast - Lessons from Avatar

I saw Avatar this past weekend.  I liked it.  I even liked the earlier version called "Dances With Wolves". 

Given that it is the most expensive movie ever made and will likely be the biggest grossing movie ever made, there better be some take-aways or lessons in there somewhere.  During this explanation, I'm going to keep it simple, without character names, etc.  It's not a movie review.

The lesson that I learned came from a scene where the Na'vi (Blue-Cat People!) were on a hunt to find their own personal flying beast.  Once they find and tame their flying beast, then they will be inseparable.   "But how will I know which beast should be mine?", the new guy asked.  His mentor said "It will be the one that is trying to kill you...either you will tame it and be successful, or it will kill you."  So, the guy quickly finds a nasty huge beast that obviously wants to kill him.  They take some swipes at each other and the guy gets hit and thrown around, clearly not succeeding.  That big snarling beast is too huge, mean and strong!  The other Na'vi say that our hero will surely die. 

But the hero doesn't give up and slowly gains the upper hand and finally overcomes the beast.  The beast gives in and realizes that our hero will be the master...the one "in charge" in this relationship.

What a great metaphor this is for the battle some of us have with our health!  Whether it is food, exercise, alcohol, drugs, etc., you likely have a beast out there that is slowly destroying you.  Sometimes, we so much believe that we can't overcome our beast, we even try to believe that we like having it be our master (what Devil invented the term "comfort food" for food that is high in fat, carbs, etc.???).  We like the ice cream, the booze, the couch (eventhough all of these things can ultimately make us feel badly about ourselves and limit us).

It is not easy to tame our beasts.  But Avatar was right about it:  You can't reason with your beast, you can't talk it to death.  Plans and charts and blogs might be helpful little tools, but this battle requires action.  You must launch a focused attack on your personal beast.  Either it controls you, or you control it.  I have to control my own beast.  I will fight it with miles on my bike, better food choices...basically eating less and moving more.   I won't give up.   You shouldn't give up either.

Big Clyde


RockstarTri said...

Well said Clyde. BTW I thought that Avatar was originally Pocahontas though.

Anonymous said...

Hello,I have not ridden my bike for a long time:(

your friend,Cuppa Joe

Susietri said...

I like it!

CactusFreek said...

This is an awesome post! So awesome, i'm going to link to it in my next post :o)

It's interesting that you said that we can't reason with out beast or talk to it. That's exactly what we do, it's insane!

I have a bike, but i'm too heavy for it. I have the bigges, softest seat there is, but my butt STILL hurts when riding it! :o/

Big Clyde said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I really appreciate them!

Big Clyde