Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The MayDay Challenge! Who's In?


Okay Players, you ready?

Some of you know that Massive Marcus and I did a friendly challenge last week to see who could lose more poundage.  He lost 2 and I lost 3, but we both won (umm, but lost...you know, pounds).  I thought of him throughout the week and it helped me to stay (mostly) disciplined on my plan.  We've decided to do a Round Two.  Weigh-In Day is Monday.  Losing Harry is now joining us.  If you want to join in, leave a comment below and say that you are in, then weigh in on Monday and let us know how much you lost.  Plain and simple.

Now, for something a little more long-term, I have been thinking about a "milestone" goal.  I have lost 13 pounds since March 1st.  I would like to lose another 13 by May 1st, "May Day" as the kids call it.  For me, that would be 26 pounds in two months (and I don't even have a disease or a tapeworm!).

I also like the double meaning of the word "mayday".  This is the call for help when ships are in trouble and need to be rescued.  I follow several blogs and three bloggers this morning expressed some concern that they have recently lost some mojo and are now getting it back.  Maybe this idea of a "MayDay Challenge" can help all of us stay focused for a mid-term goal. 

Or if you are already in the zone, could this "MayDay Challenge" help you hit some milestone number for you that we can all celebrate? 

So, here are the two things:
  1. Monday's Weigh-In day - who will lose more pounds this week?  Me?  Massive Marcus?  Losing Harry?  Anyone else want to join us?
  2. Does anyone out there have a milestone # that they want to hit by May 1st?  I am pledging to lose another 13 pounds.   Cactus FreekOne Man's Trip to the HalfF DaddyTriciaAlan? Maybe for someone else it is 5 pounds or doing a 5k. 
Just claim it and I will find some way to post or track it for us.  

Big Clyde
P.S.  This is an open invitation to anyone following this.  Even if you want to be anonymous, just leave a comment with a fake name at the bottom and I'll track it.  Also, some of the people I have linked are already successfully doing their own thing and may not want to join in on this deal...no worries.


Losing Harry said...

I'm in for 25 for MayDay...aiming high, but I got a lot to lose!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

May 1st is a 12 hour endurance bike race my team is going to do together, I never been on a bike that long, not even remotely close. Does this count?

Massive Marcus said...


I'm obviously excited and I'm also in!

299 by May 1st would be awesome.

RockStarTri said...

I'm in! I want at least -10.

Zeusmeatball said...

Challenge understood, challenge accepted and you will see me below 300 pounds on or before May 1st, water is wet and the sky is up it is a fact that I will be there.

As Ever

CactusFreek said...

Yea i'll do the Monday thing, seen as Monday is my weigh in day. I'll do the MayDay thing too. I'll say 10 pounds for the goal. That's 1 and a 1/2 kilos a week. A bit optimistic but i'll give it a good go :o)
Considering my mojo is crawling around in the gutter somewhere right now, this might be what i need to climb back up. Thanks Clyde :o)

You've had a spectacular loss this month! Go you!!

Tricia said...

I'm gonna shoot for 10 by 5/1/10. What do I get if I win? Oh, just less pounds? Oh...okay.


weegie89 said...

Hey, I just finished one last Snickerdoodle and now I am in. Ten pounds before 5/1/10.

Jennifer said...

I'm in for a 10 pound loss before May 1st. My heart is pounding just writing this. Thanks for throwing the life-preserver out there for us on this one. I'm scheduled to hike the Grand Canyon May 5-9. Down and up in one day. Ten less pounds could make a big difference!

Tim's dad said...

YES WE CAN!!! Don't listen to John Boehner! Let's show him that we can do this May Day Challenge.

Put me down for six pounds. That will get me under 200 pounds for the first time since 1968, when I was 28 years old.

In the past two years, I've lost 84 pounds. It has been amazingly easy for a guy who has been on so many diets, lost so much weight, only to gain it all back and keep on gaining.

When's the last time you lifted 84 pounds?

Here's how I lost the pounds:

I saw a photo of myself that was taken in Tucson in 2007. I didn't look healthy. My face was fat, by upper body was huge. At 5'10", I knew I was at least 100 pounds overweight. Months later, weighing 289, and visualizing that photo, I decided to do something. It started with a conviction that I would not consume empty calories at night. At that moment, I stopped my nightly habit of ice cream and other stuff (nuts and/or candy). After the decision to stop the ice cream, I stocked up on flavored mini rice cakes, celery, carrots, apples and oranges. I also bought some summer sausage and low sodium crackers. Eating small portions of these snacks, I felt satisfied and was motivated by the continued drop in pounds.

I read somewhere that you should weigh only once a month or so. Following this advice, it was really something to find losses of 10 pounds or more every month.

Right from the start, I quit my daily consumption of lattés and switched to drip or Americanos. I also ate smaller portions of meat and carbs and loaded my plate up with vegetables.

I never denied myself anything. I ate pizza, pasta, potatoes, gravy, anything I wanted. I just ate small portions. If we went out to eat, I always brought food home and had it for a meal in the next few days.

No calorie counting, no forbidden foods, no measuring portions, no hunger. I just got used to eating less and feeling satisfied. I have not had french fries for a long time.

I am not losing the weight now like I did at first. I can probably count on only a couple of pounds a month. Still, at this time, I weigh the same now as I did playing football in high school. I don't exercise other than a slow walk with our dog every day.

I will reach my May Day Challenge goal by walking more, maybe going to the gym, watching a little more closely what I eat. My long term goal is 190 (16 more pounds).

My constant backaches have totally stopped. My abiltiy to climb stairs without using the handrails is greatly improved. I don't have gastric reflux at night anymore. I've bought a lot of clothes. Instead of using Big Man Catalogs or driving 30 miles to the Big Man clothing store, I can walk into Macey's, Penney's, Eddie Bauer, etc., and buy off the rack. I had purchased (mail order) clothes in the past years that were too tight to wear. Figuring that I really have to lose weight, I put them on a shelf in the closet rather than ship them back. As the weight started falling off, I found the stash of (too tight) clothes and discovered they were now too big for me. :)

I'm 69 (soon 70) and am feeling proud of the way I look. Under my trim-appearing (clothed) body, I have loose, saggy skin, but as long as restrain myself from running around naked, I think I look pretty good.

In fact, other people are obviously noticing how good I look. I know this because whenever I go to Yahoo's home page, I see where there are many girls here in my area who are wanting to meet me. It excites me to know that these beautiful women are just a click away. I'm so lucky!!!

For those of you who have suffered through this very long comment, I hope it helps you reach you weight loss goals. I struggled for so long. Not sure I could have followed this advice when I was younger, but I just wanted to share.

Lookin' good in Olympia, WA. - Big Wind

Sledge said...

I am in. 13 lbs. I will weigh in on 4/29 since I will be in hsp on 5/1 and really want to be below 300 for the surgery scheduled for 4/30. Thanks for the challenge oppty (I say that now......).

MongoDude said...

Message to Big Wind (that last blog contributor):

If you've got something to say, just write it out. We've got all the time in the world to read every golden tidbit you want to share with us.

Don't hold back and no offense intended.

BornSquishy said...

#1 - I weigh-in every Monday already.... so I'm up to this challenge.

#2 - 13 lbs. is a bit of a stretch for me to lose in a month.... but as Les Brown said "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."..... so I'm in for this challenge as well.

Great blog by the way..... I'm not sure why I haven't been a regular visitor before now.

BornSquishy said...

P.S: I just added myself to your list of followers...... that makes me #30... congrats on that milestone.

Katy said...

I'm in! I want to lose 13 lbs.

I'll put the word out on my blog so see if we can get anyone else!

Following your blog now.

Sue said...

I'm in...I will shoot for 5 lbs ---got here via Katys blog

Sharon said...

I'm in for 13 lbs. Totally unrealistic but I have to dream big. Love your blog, btw!

RockStarTri said...


I weigh in on Friday. The starting magic number was 246.6. Book it!

Anonymous said...

I have got a wedding (my wedding) coming up in June, and could use all the support and friendly competition I can get! I am on for 12 lbs. by May 1st!

Sean Anderson said...

You got me in, right...

I hope so...I left my "joining" comment on your latest post!

R.P said...

I am so in the challenge! Aiming for a 115 Kgs by May 1st. That is - 4.5 Kg! I am excited to be in! :-)