Friday, May 28, 2010

Top 5 Friday - Drink Up!

First of all, I have received so many comments this week...each one is fun and encouraging to me and helps me to get to know so many of you.   Thanks for challenging me to go onward.

Secondly, I did another 5K run in my own neighborhood on Wednesday night.  My time was 44:39 and I ran a bit, but mostly walked as fast as I could without looking like a dork (see any 90's movie,  set in New York to see what I mean).  And yes, Massive Marcus, I did want to challenge myself to be faster than Monday's time!  Good idea.  I'll just keep it up to see how I do!

Since it is heating up here in the desert, I am getting thirsty.  So, for today's Top 5 Friday list, here are my
Top 5 Favorite Drinks:
  1.  Coffee - I love Starbucks, just because I drink it so much and they are everywhere.  I love the local coffee houses too, but they are more scarce where I live.  My drink of choice is a 4-shot Americano, but I follow close with a "red-eye" (drip coffee with an espresso shot in it), and finally a nice cappucino after dinner is like dessert to me.
  2. Grey Goose Vodka and Cranberry - sure, call it a chick-drink, but have you had it?  Really tasty, great at the New Year's Party and on a hot summer day.  
  3. Lipton Diet Green Tea with Berry-flavoring.   I know it's this mass-produced thing, but it is very good, very healthy, very convenient and inexpensive.  I drink a lot of it since I started losing weight and love it.
  4. Margarita on the rocks with salt.  No strawberry-flavoring here, no blender needed, etc.  It is perfect, as is.
  5. Water - I know it's a cliche, but I have always consumed tons of water.  Now, it is a staple for me to drink a lot each day.
Now, your turn.  I am curious to know what you all like to drink.  Cocktails, health-drinks, coffee/tea, etc.   Please tell us how you like to wet your whistle.


Sharon said...

Yay for another 5k! Great job.
I love the diet green tea too, but it doesn't like me for some reason. I drink a ton of Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch (singles to go) added to bottled water. Cheap and good stuff!

~HoneyB~ said...

Great job on your work out first off!

Ummmm I have to say water is my favorite drink of choice, boring but theres is just nothing like a good cold drink of really good water ...

If I was to choose a drink, drink hands down Im a girly, girl and like Sex On The Beach or (no laughing) tropical Arbor Mist with ice.... but only if its ubar hot out and only if I get to sit outside with no kidlets around ... so you can see how often taht scenario might happen with 7 kids hhhaaaaahaaa.... some day I too will be a grown up and have a real drink, Ill just be 54 before Im able to do it :P

Fat Daddy said...

I'm like you. I like to challenge myself a little more each workout...whether walk or run. A little farther or a little faster each time.

Top 4 Drinks - could not think of a fav fifth
Diet Pepsi
Ice Tea - especially peach ice tea these days
Ice Cold Beer - nothing like it in the world!

Neighbor Ted said...

I want to move back just to see you run. Please post a video.

Top 5 this week - I am in NY and it was a long week:

1. Any brand of Cab - Hess, Lohr, Mondavi... there were a few. I will likely be back on a wine kick for the next few months. Tough to stick with a low carb diet when wine is involved.

2. Venti Purple Eye, no room. Very simple - coffe and 3 shots.

3. Water.

4. Some kind of small batch bourbon that I had Wednesday night. Not bad, and the first time I have anything but wine or beer in a long time. Saw an old friend

5. I will go back to the Cab.

CinciMom11 said...

Great time, Clyde! Doesn't it feel great?

Drinks... College turned me into a beer fan. I like beer with lime. The night of my last undergrad final, I went to a bar with a few people and 'drank the rainbow' - I had a blue drink, a purple drink, ... It was fun. I like trying new things.

Water is my favorite drink. Hot tea (all kinds - green, flavored, whatever!) is my second favorite. I drank tons of coffee before I got pregnant, but I've only had a cup or two since Ramsey was born. If I drink pop, which rarely happens, I go for Coke Zero.

CinciMom11 said...

What is 'diet' green tea?

Matty O said...

water and bud light :)

Great job with the 5k's you will be running them without stopping in NO TIME!

Big Clyde said...

Neighbor Ted: good to hear from you. Despite your moving 2,000 miles away, you are slowing increasing your rank among my friends. :) Want to see a video of this Clydesdale "trotting"? Click here:

Cinci: I drink this Lipton Diet Green Tea. Two flavors: citrus and berry. Very tasty. In the juice section.

Patrick said...

Big Clyde, did some blog surfing this morning & came across your blog. I've been on Blogspot a bit more than a month attempting to blog my way to getting healthy. So far so good, but oh so far to go. Nice job on that 5K, 44:39… I'm still at just over an hour to do the same. I am not jogging or running yet, hope to add that soon, so it's all walking. And some biking, well there will be some biking. I did it once last weekend for the first time in years.

What wets my whistle, well the new me likes these 5…
Water, Tomato Juice, Skim Milk, Iced Tea, Labatt's

the old me enjoyed these 5…
Diet Soda, Leinenkugel's, Whole Milk, Jack Daniels, Labatt's

Now I am thirsty, thanks :-)


Big Clyde said...


We all want to know...what is Leinenkugel's?

(...and if you're Canadian, um, I think you guys are awesome!)

Big Clyde

Kimberley said...

Great job on the 5K!

My favourite things to drink are water, decaf green tea, decaf coffee with a splash of flavoured coffee and sweetener and cream, virgin Caesars and some concoction I get at Starbucks that is made with decaf chai, sugar free caramel syrup and skim milk.

BTW, I am Canadian and I am AWESOME!

midlife_swimmer said...

1. water
2. latte with skim milk
3. skim milk
3. zero XXX vitamin water
4. milkshakes ( I don't indulge but once or twice a year but yeah would take on on my birthday )
5. peppermint tea hot or iced... opposite of whatever the weather is doing

Alan said...

Thanks for your comments and encouragement! I drink WAY too much Starbucks myself - just brewed coffee and the occasional Vivano. Do you ever worry about having too much caffeine? My energy peaks and dips during the day, so I'm thinking I need to cut back

360lbsman said...

Interesting to see what you guys drink. What is that green diet tea by the way? Here's my favourites:

1. coffee - I'm addicted to caffeine, been drinking since I was 10 years old. brewed coffee, espresso, cappucino, ice coffee... you name it.

2. diet coke

3. water

Massive Marcus said...

My top five whistle wetters as of late:

1. Water, water and more water.

2. Skim milk, I drink a lot of milk, always have

3. 100% fruit juices, I like to kick off my day with a small glass

4. Protein shakes, almost always contain skim milk, a banana and sometimes peanut butter (Thats a treat!)

5. Cranberry Juice, I usually mix with water so it's not so tart and so I get more water and less sugar. I'm not sure if that means I'm watering down my cranberry juice or if I'm cranberrying up my water?


Tricia said...

ok, aside from the obligatory water .....

I like beer (although I rarely drink it now) hefeweizens are my favorite

I also like vodka and tonic

that being said...I probably only have a drink about 4 times a year. man that make me feel old :)