Friday, September 24, 2010

50 Miles by Monday - Patrick's Challenge

If you saw yesterday's post, I was confessing that I have been slipping backward on my workouts and weight loss, right after I hit a nice milestone.   What an idiot.  (But it was soooo easy!).

I asked for advice.  Within 60 seconds of posting, Patrick Mahoney challenged me to "Do a 50 mile Saturday (or Sunday, or weekend; whatever the right day/goal is). Any combination of biking running walking up to 50 miles." 

I called him a bad word that I wouldn't say in front of my kids, then accepted.

As any Hollywood exec would tell you, the "weekend" is Friday - Sunday.  So, from this minute (early Friday morning) until I lay my sweaty head on the pillow Sunday night, I will walk, run and cycle a total of 50 miles.

I have the bike.  I have the gear.  I have the "killer" attitude.

To give you some perspective, I have never ridden my bike longer than 35 miles.  And I didn't ride 15 miles the day before or after either.  So, this is a SCARY NUMBER for this Clydesdale.

This post hits Friday morning.  I'll post again Sunday night, letting you know that this got done.  Barring a car accident or a life/death tragedy, this WILL get done. 

Who's with me?   Pick a scary number of workout minutes or mileage, post it below and circle back on Sunday night to let us know how you did.

P.S.  If I am doing this, you'd better believe that Samson is going to get in some mileage this weekend too!  Saddle up, Son!

P.P.S.  Between now and Monday morning, let's use one of the ideas below for a short term challenge.  I see a lot of 100 Day chatter out there, which takes us to year-end.  I may jump on soon, but for now, I still need some near-term challenge to fire me up over the next two weeks. 


Kovas Palubinskas said...

I'm in for 40. Started this morning with a near 9 mile ride on the trainer. 8 mile run tomorrow, 20 mile bike Sunday and I'll run with my son Sunday to make up any shortage.

Luke said...

i'll give 30 a shot. I have a busy weekend teaching Search and Rescue, otherwise i'd be with you on the 50.

Raegun said...

You can put me down for 25, Clyde . I know it doesn't sound like much, but I'm bouncing back from a week of sickness, so this is actually going to be a challenge for me. I will do 15 on foot and 10 on the bike.

I love the idea of shorter term challenge. I find it easier to stick to the challenges that are 1 month or so.

Lucas said...

Put me down for 15 Clyde. I might just blow that out of the water and I might just barely squeak by but since that's the number of pounds I would like to lose, that's the number I'm choosing. :)

Now go kick that 50's ass!

Big Clyde said...

Very cool! I'm glad to hear that people are joining in.

I did 13 miles early this morning (and I pretty much hate the morning workouts!).

37 miles to go. Thanks again, Patrick.

Caratunk Girl said...

I am in. I am going for 30 this time (like how I suggested you do 50 in my last comment?? Nice of me, right? ha ha)

Looking forward to the reports back! :)

Matty O said...

HAHA Caratunk... you are a conniving one :)

Good luck! I am commiting to lifting this weekend. Good luck racking up the miles. We will be hearing from one sore Clydesdale come Sunday night :)

Happy Fun Pants said...

Great idea! I'm not a cyclist, but I'll commit to 15. That leaves me 8ish on the road and 7ish on the bike.

Muy bueno!

Lesley @ said...

Good luck! You can do it Clyde! I'm going to try to go for a 50 mile week next week. I can't do the weekend since I have a race Sunday (half-marathon), but since I don't bike - 50 miles is a lot. So between Sunday and Saturday the 2nd, I'll get in 50 miles in support of your journey.

Patrick Mahoney said...

I'm in for 100. The OC Tri in two weeks so it's gotta be a high volume weekend anyway. Did 36 this morning on bike, will run 4-5 tonight. 10 mile run tomorrow, and then Sunday will be some combo (probably 45/5) of a bike/run brick.

TRI714 said...

Ive already missed a day. But I'll throw my cards down for 50.

Lesley @ said...

Check it out Clyde:

KJ said...

Count me in for 50, Clyde!! I'm planning on 25 Saturday and 25 Sunday morning.

I've been backsliding badly myself...and with only a month until my big ride, I've got to get moving again. Funny, I just commented on MattyO's ultra-motivational post as well - must be something in the air!

See y'all Sunday night!

big_mummy said...

Ok let me for one moment live in the fantasy that I just didnt wake up at 5am due to awful shoulder pain (frozen :()

Time travel to next weekend...I'm in, I am gonna try 15 too. I don't run OR bike (usually) so walking and a bit of bike! You never know, you might enjoy it so much you do it next week too ;)

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

You go, Clyde!