Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mileage, Mileage, Vintage

This month has been busier than expected.  I am having to get my mileage in via frequent, smaller workouts, rather than some really long rides. 

For example, my wife and I had a nice 13 mile ride on Monday.  Fine.  On Tuesday night, I went out at about 5pm for a longer ride, but got a flat at the one-mile mark and had to walk it back.  I fixed in and did just 11 cycling miles tonight (Wednesday).

Thursday:  I can ride, maybe run also.
Friday:  I'm doing a super favor for a VIP customer (they better appreciate it!).  I will be driving to Temecula, CA and back.  That should be about 10-12 hours of driving.  Leaving the house at 4am.  Guh.  No workouts on Friday.
Saturday:  I am going to test-drive a new (old) Vintage bike in Scottdale (2 hours away).  It may be my new ride!  Then, I am going to see the UofA beat UW.  Got to get a ride in somewhere with Samson.
Sunday:   Catch-up day.  Before and after church, I will grind out mileage.

So, we are 2/3 of the way through the OktoberFast Challenge and I am only halfway through my cycling miles and only 5 miles into my 30 running mile goal.  Will this goal be difficult?  Yes, but definitely possible.

My focus for the next several days?  Driving mileage, cycling mileage, and hopefully, buying a vintage bike.

By the way, the vintage bike I'm going to test-drive could be awesome.   I just hope I am not too tall for it.  Wouldn't it be great if the bike is a perfect fit, cool and bright red?


Megan said...

it would be AWESOME if you could get bright red bike. :) I'm a little behind in my Oktoberfast challenge too, but happy that I particpated in the first place. My goal was to get 13 weight training days in and so far I've done 7. I expect to get 11 days in by month's end. Sometimes life takes over and we have to give in and not get in our desired mileage. :)

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Do you get credit for the Octoberfest Challenge for watching people run? Because UW is going to run all over U of A!

Big Clyde said...

Alan, you wish! Game on!

Patrick Mahoney said...

I'm tempted to blow off Friday and roll out to Temecula. But alas, I don't think I can. There are some really good antique shops there. Yes, I just said "antique". I collect license plates from 1969. Out-nerd me there, Diana. And though when I drank, I never liked the regional wines, some of the vineyards have incredible restaurants.

Diana Tries-A-Tri! said...

Alan, I'm with you. Go Dawgs!

Hmmm how can I out-nerd you Patrick ... I'll have to think about it.

I'm pumped to see this bike BC!

MrsFatass said...

Clyde -
Thanks so much for your nice comment at my place this week. And then to come over here and read about vintage bikes? I am SO about to make my own bicycle purchase - not so much REAL vintage as Target brand new but looks a little retro - and I can't wait to tool around the neighborhood with the kiddos.

So. I'm excited to see what you get.

Lucas said...

GREAT pic! Where DO you find these? :)

And way to go on all the workouts. You are KILLIN' it!

Ann (-20 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

LOL Alan, that was funny!! (Sorry, Clyde)

You have your work cut out for you, with only 10 days left in October, but you can reach your targets, Clyde!

I'm hoping the vintage bike is perfection! The vintage bike ride with the gang sounds like so much fun ...

Were you related to Andre? Where DO you find these great photos?

Raegun said...

That would be cool - it will be fate!

Lesley @ said...

Will the bike have a little bell and tassles??? Oh, sorry, that was MY bike.