Sunday, October 24, 2010

OktoberFast Challenge: UPDATE Week 4/5

We have one week left in the OktoberFast Challenge!   How are you doing with your goals?

So far, this month has been great for me, though I may not accomplish all of my goals.  You can see my goals and progress in the section above.

I have been to a few UofA football games, went to the Tour de Fat and had some great beers, have had two pumpkin lattes and have transitioned from cycling in shorts to cycling in layers and sweats.  Fall has arrived in the desert.

As for me this week, I rode 53 miles, which is more than I rode most months this year and twice what I did last week.  This week, I'll ride at least 72 miles, so that I can finish the cycling goal.  As for running, I will likely only run twice, giving me about 10 miles for the month.  That is pretty poor considering that the goal was 30 miles, but when all is added up, it will still be a big month for me. 

I really thought that I would get in some running mileage, but my main goal now is to get in cycling miles with Samson (my 12-year-old son) who will be in the big race with me next month.   And now that Mrs. Clyde has a new road bike, I am enjoying getting in some miles with her too.  I'll get back to running after El Tour.

Now, it's your turn!  How are you doing with your OktoberFast goals this month?


LauraLynne said...

swim: 24,000 yards
bike: 200 miles
run: 50 miles
Total so far:
Week 1
swim: 8450 yards
bike: 50.4 miles
run: 17.92 miles
Week 2
Swim: 12,250 yards
Bike: 65.4 miles
run: 22.92 miles
Week 3 totals:
Swim: 17,100 yards (6900 to go)
Bike: 164.86 miles (46.14 to go)
run: 31.11 (18.89 to go)

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

53 miles in one week? Sweet! A year ago you couldn't have dreamed of that!

And congrats on U of A. They really looked good (beating my "Jeckle and Hyde" Huskies).

Diana Tries-A-Tri! said...

I actually hit both my goals this week of having a long run and a speed work session! Sadly, I think this was the first time ... yikes. Looks like you had a great week!

Lucas said...

My goals have been lax. I've had family and stuff going on, but I'm SUPER proud of you Clyde! Not only have you hit your stride, but you are taking the fam with you. I LOVE that! All in the family (but please minus Edith because she is just SO annoying!) Go gettum Team Clyde!

Jake "The Fatty" said...

Great job! I just climbed on my bike tonight for the first time in almost 2 years. I quite missed it but my legs are now on fire. Just 2 miles for me. My goal is just to do something everyday, whether it's biking or running or weights, I've got to keep moving and burning those calories!

I'm glad I'm following you clyde! We'll have to meet up sometime and have a fat man run through the desert!

TRI714 said...

I'm lacking-

swim 3800 mtrs- goal= 10,000

bike 133 miles- goal = 250

run 38.5 miles - goal = 50

weight 208 = goal= 205

will hit some, may hit all, but I'll keeping plugging

Lesley @ said...

Awesome to watch your progress... and I think it's awesome how the family is all getting involved...

pinkvision said...

That's so cool, Clyde, well-done! Totally awesome :)

This week have finally made progress on my swim goal of 10.5 miles , did another mile at the pool. Will see if I get a few more out of the hat for the end of Oct!

Christina said...

Wow, you are kicking butt with the cycling! Since you're training for a big event, I wouldn't be too torn up about not running too much. You're adapting. :) You must be so exciteed about Mrs. Clyde's new bike!

Raegun said...

34/50 miles have been run and my life has been devoid of drive-thru Starbucks....challenge is full-steam ahead! I need to get busy with the running this week. I can see the finish line!!

Keep it up, Clyde! And hey - if you're looking for something to do in November, I just announced a challenge on my blog. It involves a little one-on-one competition with a worthy foe! Check it out.

CactusFreek said...

You and these crazy challenges! Your motivation is awesome! :o)