Sunday, October 31, 2010

OktoberFast Challenge: UPDATE Week 5/5

How was YOUR October? Did you lose some weight? Increase your workouts? Eat anything made with pumpkin? Drink any good Oktoberfest-type beers?

The point of our OktoberFast event this month was to try to use the month to push ourselves to go further in our efforts than we have gone before.  Patrick from The Road designed our banner, but more importantly, had an AWESOME month with some big races and an awesome first place finish.  Click the link above and check out his great month!

I definitely will have ridden more miles than in any previous month, but did not meet my specific goals.  I intended to lose weight, but really did not work at it much at all.  I also intended to run 30 miles, but did not do that much either (only 7 miles).  Instead, I guess I focused my efforts on cycling.  My goal was 200 miles and I have ridden 132 miles as of this morning.  I will ride again today, after church.  I'll update later in the day.   But this means that I will have ridden more miles this month than I ever have before in a month, so I'm happy about that.  And eager to do even more going forward.  I'll hit 200 cycling miles in November.

UPDATE:  Samson and I went out this afternoon and got 26.5 miles in!  Add to that some neighborhood miles to Tig's house for a quick wheel adjustment and I did 29 miles today.  That makes for a month-long total of all-time high for me and I am pleased with it.

How did you do in OKTOBERFAST?

Okay...maybe this isn't the scariest video ever, but it is gets super freaky at 1:15.  Play with the sound on.  Happy Halloween!


MrsFatass said...

Well, I wasn't an official part of OctoberFAST, but I did do some pretty fantastic things in october. Lost some pounds. Recovered from injury. Picked up the weights again. And set a big goal to participate in a big race. I'm pretty happy with what I accomplished in October.

Good work on all you did! And for the words of wisdom as I look for a bike. SO excited to own one.

Raegun said...

You got in some incredible mileage on the bike - way to go! I achieved more miles than I ever thought possible on foot as well. Thanks again for hosting this challenge!

PS - that video is particularly terrifying if you imagine yourself sitting there, tied up in a chair having to watch that dude!

Raegun said...

I'm not afraid of clowns. I'm afraid of people who want to BE clowns.

LauraLynne said...

I lost weight but didn't meet all my OctoberFAST goals. Biking was the only one I met. But I've been sick for the last 2 weeks so i'm not beating myself up.
Wrap up:
Swim: 24,000
Actual: 17,100 (71%) with a chest cold, I didn't swim at all this week otherwise I would have made this goal no problem
Bike: 200
Actual: 220 - Oh yes - GOAL!
Run: 50 miles
Acutal: 39.11 plus any I run today (hoping to put in 5 miles)
Again - the cold really put me off running since I only run outside and it's been typically rainy and cold here. I can live with 39 miles in one month!

pinkvision said...

That's a fantastic number of miles cycled! And kudos to Patrick's amazing racing feats, even the DNR one.

Me, I made just about half of my goals...but...the great thing is most of it was done in this last week, so I'm extremely pleased about that for this Miz Sedentary :)

Thanks to you & Patrick for hosting this challenge. Now I'm not going to get scared of any old 'impossible' goals in future, or continue to think I'm the non-athlete because I proved to myself that I CAN do it, WHEN I do it.

Challenge: 10.5 miles swimming, 5x90 minute walks
Final stats: 4.375 miles and 3 walks - 90/25/60 mins

lindsay said...

well, while you may have fallen short, it sounds like you've found some mojo going forward and that doesn't hurt!

as for my oktoberfest challenge - i didn't do well on losing weight (wasn't as focused on that goal as i should have been) but i did very good with my "30min a day" goal - only having 2 days of complete-rest the whole month. that's a huge increase from september where i probably had at least 10 days of no-activity.

Diana Tries-A-Tri! said...

I had a couple good weeks where I hit my speed session and long run each week, but missed a couple too. I'm going to try and keep it up though!

Patrick said...

Hey Clyde, been a while since we crossed paths, not sure why that is... anyhow, seems you have had a fine month in October. Any month you end in an all time high is a banner month worthy of celebration. But don't celebrate with candy, oh no. Candy causes webbed feet I am told. So unless youa re taking up swimming, stay away.

Have a Great week!