Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Still Here, Still Smiling

I'm  embarrassed to say that I have failed in my exercise goals for May so far.  I was on quite a roll with 30 Days of Biking in April and record mileage for the month.  Then, I solicited your advice for May and you came through with great encouragement and direction. 

And I did nothing. 

I don't recall what happened exactly, but maybe you have had this occur in your life as well.  I took a day off, then was genuinely busy for a day or two.  Then, we did some family stuff.  A week passed, then...well, you get the idea.

My motto for this blog has always been "keep moving" (or "never quit").  When cycling, my goal is to always be peddling, even if it is slow.  But the beauty of cycling is that you CAN COAST and enjoy the ride.  For awhile.  Then, you have to pedal again and likely, you have to pedal harder to get some momentum going. 

It is time for me to start "pedalling" again.  I will again consult your challenges for me in this post and establish some goals to finish May and into June.  

On a personal note, all is well at work and home.  The kids are finishing their school year at their "Hogwarts"-style smarty-pants school, so my wife and I have been stumbling our way through as tutors in biology, Latin, literature, etc.  Our family time has been great, but I know that I can have that AND continue on my Clydesdale Project of eating well and regular exercise. 

Thanks for hanging in there with me.  I have been surfing your sites as well and see that many of you are actively racing, working your plans and making great progress.  I'll be joining you soon.

Big Clyde


Bruce said...

Glad to see you back Clyde! Looking forward to hearing about your next goal.

Kovas said...

You always have such a positive attitude - keep it up!

Tri4Success said...

Don't sweat it Clyde. You're ready to start "pedaling" again so keep the focus forward!

When you first asked, I suggested revisiting your challenge from March with the 6 days a week of activity as well as putting more focus on time spent being active instead of distance. It seems that would still fit the bill perfectly. Welcome back!

Michael said...

Glad to see you back! Sounds like you are ready to get moving again! Just go for it!

Lesley @ racingitoff.com said...

Clyde!!! Every day is a new day to get going again... that's the great thing. Looking forward to your next self-challenge.

JK said...

You're right about taking a day off then other things interrupting the flow. This is kind of like a creek with lots of big rocks the water has to flow around. The water figures out a path, and so will you. Good to see you back.

Grace Kent said...

Hey, cool blog! That is so great that you and your wife are helping your kids. I also am working my way through the end of the school year and I can't wait for summer! You should check out my blog sometime!
Grace Kent

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Glad you're back! Stay the course!

tahoegirl said...

Welcome back!

Kimberley said...

Don't be embarrassed! You were so successful in April...you should be very proud of that.

Glad to hear all is well on the home front...love that your children go to a "Hogwarts" type school. My son goes to a very cool school too! Not sure if you read about it before, but here is the link.


Looking forward to your next challenge!

Michele said...

I think I found your blog awhile ago through some other weight loss bloggers, but today I realized that you are a cyclist, too. Me, too. It is my exercise of choice in my weight loss journey. I also have a hybrid and a heavy one,too,, but I have to admit I am shopping for a lighter road bike. But we have much in common, so I enjoyed reading some of your past posts.

BTW: My husband is from the netherlands. I am not sure what happened with the contest you were in, but it sounds fun. We bike every time we go. One of the most beautiful biking countries in the world, if I do say so myself.

Have you ever thought about (or maybe already have done) a biking road event? I am in the Tour de Cure this Saturday (27 miles) which is a bike road event raising money for diabetes (in MN). I have found it a great way to "train: and get better on the bike, plus I am raising money for a great cause.
at http://ruminationsasiuncoverthewomanwithin.blogspot.com/