Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Looking for an Oktober Challenge? (Me Too.)

Last year, I partnered up with Patrick (formerly of The Road, but now at for the OktoberFast Challenge.  It was fun and several people joined in.  The goal was simply to set some individual goal for the month of October to give us all a bit of momentum to work towards.  For some it was pounds lost.  Others chose mileage or workout sessions.  Oh, and we encouraged people to share any "Oktoberfest" beers, foods or autumn-like experiences.

Can I get an oom-pa-pa up in here?
Anyway, I'd like to join in with some others for a similar challenge for the month of October.  Do any of you know of any existing challenges out there that are starting up, or do you have any ideas/graphics for a new challenge?

Big Clyde


Jessica said...

I am ready :) Just let me know when and what :)

Jessica said...

In the Spring I did a 30 day challenge that consisted of jogging/running 1 mile everyday for 30 days. I had one start over...I am considering starting this in Oct. Would you be interested?

Chris @ Heavy Steps said...

I am in!!!