Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In

A bad week for me.  I gained back two pounds.   Total loss since March 3rd is 6 pounds.  

What happened?  Just a simple lapse back into some old eating habits and no exercise.   

Why?  I know that I was a bit disappointed in only a 1 pound loss the week before, especially after a good 3-mile run the night before my weigh-in last week.   Maybe my body was just catching up with a larger loss the week before.   But I know that I allowed a small disappointment to somehow take my eye of the ball.   Shame on me.  It was also Spring Break for my wife and kids, so we had more fun together and I let the exercise slide.

I am in a challenge with Neighbor Ted (soon to be a blogger?), who also happened to gain two pounds.   We are a sorry pair right now.

Finally, I made a chart to compare my results with my own weight loss in 2010.   It is pretty interesting so far. I am slightly behind BC10 (Big Clyde in 2010), but I know that I can get back on track this week.   Within two weeks, I should be ahead of...uh, him.   At minimum, I should be able to match my own pace.

I want to give a big congrats to Alan at Pounds Off Playoff who did The Big Climb today.   Unlike me, he seems to keep his eye on the ball and stay focused.   He has trained well for this and I hope he had a great day.

Big Clyde

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Building a new spider web

I've broken my stride in terms of my healthy eating and consistent running schedule.   Officially, I've missed two runs so far and have been eating "normal" as opposed to my "low-calorie" plan for the past 5 days.  

Back on plan today.

I was talking with a co-worker who mentioned that her exercise efforts can be discouraging.   One step forward, then two steps back.  She tries to keep up at her gym class, but then suffers for it with ankle pain for the next few days, wondering if she is causing damage.   It is easy to back off at that point and go back to old eating and lifestyle habits.  She is discouraged this morning.   I know how she feels.

It reminded me of a story that I heard recently about someone who was watching a spider build a web.  The web was pretty big and was successful at catching prey, supporting the spider, etc.   The web worked great for weeks. 

Then one day, the person looked up at the web and found that it was broken.   It seemed so tragic that all of that hard work was now destroyed.   Then, the person looked to the side and found the spider building a brand new web. 

You know the morale of the story...the spider didn't fail when the web was destroyed.   The spider would have only failed if it gave up and didn't begin again.

Big Clyde

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weigh-In, Week Two

Weight loss this week:            1 pound
Weight loss since March 1st:  8 pounds

My schedule was a little off this week, but I managed to run three times.   A 2-mile, a 2.5 and a 3-mile run.

The 3-mile run was last night.   We had an early family dinner, then took the boys to practice.   My wife and daughter dropped me off with them and I ran the 3 miles home.   I felt great during the three-miler.   At one point (about halfway through), I wanted to take a break, so I started walking but that only lasted for about a minute.   It just felt better to push through and slow my pace a bit on a jog, rather than walking.

I am very grateful that I have not experienced any pain in my joints, despite my weight.   That may come as I go longer distances and if so, I can always adjust to the bike.  But I am focusing hard on landing on the outer balls of my feet, rather than heel-striking.

When I was beginning my run, I met two cyclists who pulled up to me.   They had the cyclists gear, excellent road bikes, etc.   They had both flown to Arizona from Canada to train for the AZ IronMan competition in November.   One of them was 50 years old, but in excellent shape  (I think he was the coach).   He mentioned that he did a 10-12k run this morning (6-7 miles), then hit the pool for "a longer workout", and they were finishing up the day with a quick ride, which was 36 miles.   The other guy was also fit, but less experienced and was training for his first IronMan.

I told them that those were my "epic" distances.   I started all of this wondering if I could ride 35 miles on a bike.   I ran a 10k 14 months ago, which was a major achievement for me (not a casual workout).

As you might predict, their words of encouragement were simple:   keep going.  

We enjoyed that we were out there (in the gorgeous, sunny weather), working on improving our health and having some fun along the way.   I didn't feel embarrassed to be heavier or slower, etc. than them...I just felt great to be doing something after months of being away from consistent exercise.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Big Clyde

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Pizza Run

I have been soooooo good since I started to eat healthy and run on March 1st.  

I have to be good because I am now in a weight-loss challenge with Neighbor Ted, my ex-neighbor who moved from Arizona to North Carolina (and lost his top spot in my "friend-ranking" when he did it).   We are both working to drop 12% of our weight from March 1st to June 16th.

But my wife was working late tonight.

And the kids needed dinner.

And Domino's sells a large meat-drenched pizza for $8 and it is 100 yards from my house.

So, I gave in, ordered the pizza and brought it home.

THEN, I gave it to my 3 kids.

MY DINNER was a large banana, two packets of oatmeal and some carrots.   Got to be lean for my run tonight...

...and my weigh-in against Neighbor Ted is this Saturday!

Choose well, my friends.

Big Clyde

Monday, March 12, 2012

The New Challenge

"It's on!"

Those are the words that Neighbor Ted wrote to me when I challenged him to a weight loss duel.  Actually, he stated that he intends to lose about 12% of his current weight by 6/22.   It just seemed like it would be fun to join in and see if I could match his weight loss...or beat him!   You could do it too.

We are discussing the idea a little further, but here is what we have so far:
  • We will measure weight loss by percentage only, since we are starting at different places.  This seemed the most fair way.
  • Since he is focused on an end date of 6/22 and we began talking about it in late February, we are going to put the starting date as 3/1/12.  Official end date will likely be 6/16/12.
  • We are weighing in on Saturdays, using the honor system.
  • I am counting calories and I think he is juicing.
  • Both of us are going to be running and cycling...mostly running.
For me to lose 12% of my weight, it will be well over 30 pounds.  It will not be easy, but if you are a longtime reader of this blog, you might see that I did exactly that in 2010.  

Between March 1st and May 31st of 2010, I lost 36 pounds by counting calories and light exercise.  

It will be fun to do it again (though I would have been smarter to just keep it off since 2010).

Join us!   Let me know if you are interested.  Competition can be a strong motivator.

There may be a big group of us competing.
Or it could be just me and Neighbor Ted.
But I know that my biggest opponent will be...Big Clyde from 2010.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a name for this challenge?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?

Big Clyde's purple flowery shirt is a bit roomier this week!
 That'd be "7",  Bob.

I am very pleased that I dropped 7 pounds this first week of eating healthy and exercising well.

I ran three times, lifted weights, found the produce section of my grocery store and kept the calories low this week.  

My goal for this next week will be three-fold:
1.  Lose 2 more pounds.
2.  Stay on track with my 8k and strength training.
3.  Keep being awesome.

I also want to give some encouragement this morning to Alan from Pounds Off Playoff who is running his first 5k this weekend!   It has a brutal hill climb at the beginning, but he is working toward The Big Climb soon, so he'll do well.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Big Clyde

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"The Clydesdale Runs Again!"

See?  Clydesdales CAN run...(or at least trot)!
 I realize that running twice in one week shouldn't make headlines.  But it is an improvement for me, compared to my months of inactivity. 

I ran 2 miles on Sunday, did my stretch/strengthen on Monday (lifting weights and push-ups), then ran another two miles yesterday.

About running...Last night, I ran at a pace of 13:52 per mile.   Of the 28 minutes, I walked only 60 seconds.  The "calorie calculator" estimates that I burned over 700 calories, given my weight and average heart rate of 142 bpm.   That is definitely a workout, despite the seemingly slow pace.   If you are reading this AND you run, then you get it.   If you don't run, please don't judge the pace.  

My weigh-in is Saturday and I think it will give me some nice results.

Have a good week everyone!

Big Clyde

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The March Experiment - The Plan

When I recently blogged about starting a new program for March, my good friend, Alan, commented "How are you going to make sure you stay engaged with this thing every day?".  

He was being rhetorical, since this is something that we all are challenged with in our fitness goals, but it was a solid question.

I present to you my plan for The March Experiment 2012:
  • Weigh-in weekly and chart my progress (done on Saturday mornings.)
  • Begin the Hal Higdon 8-week 8k training plan for novice runners.  Click here for the link. Week 1 begins tomorrow (3/4/12).
  • Set weekly modest weight loss goals.   Goal for next Saturday's weigh-in is 4lbs, given that it is week 1.  It will be less in future weeks, I'm sure.
  • Run virtual 5k on 3/31.
  • Run virtual 8k on 4/28...OR ride in Tour of the Tucson Mountains 27-mile bike race.   The 8k might be more challenging, but either would be good for me.  It would likely be 1 hour on foot or two hours on the bike.   Same-same, I think.
  • I will also be re-reading my own blog from the periods when I was regularly running 3, 4, or 5 miles at a time.   If I did it before, I can do it again.
My friend, Neighbor Ted, will be doing this as well.  If any of you want to join us, feel free to jump in.  

Big Clyde