Monday, July 8, 2013

Juice Fast - Day 1 of 3

Day 1 went pretty well, considering I went the entire day drinking mostly vegetable juice out of mason jars.
  • Did I mention that my wife and kids are out of town for several days?  This is normally the time when I would buy an enormous pizza to use for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a day or two?  Phad Thai?  Nachos?  They all sound good and I wouldn't even have to share.   But instead, I bought SIX BUNCHES OF KALE and will go through each one of them in the next three days.
  • Did I mention that my church is somewhat known for featuring a Waffle Bar during the fellowship time after worship?  A WAFFLE BAR...with toppings (because waffles and syrup aren't always sweet enough)!   Instead, I drank carrot juice with lemon added in.
  • Did I mention that I am still in this self-inflicted challenge of cycling 100 miles during the Tour de France?   Not that big of a deal for a three week period, except I blew off the first week.   I am just now getting after it.   My sweat smells like celery. 
  • Tour de France mileage update:  16 miles down, 84 to go by 7/21.
I didn't hate it, didn't like it and didn't cheat.   That's good enough for me.

Big Clyde

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